Anxiety & Depression:Denial Due To Stigmas

Sometimes we find ourselves under water, drowning, gasping for air not knowing how to resurface. Suddenly superficial things like Meditation, become considered because we feel like we are in a medically induced coma with no way to escape. We feel we are in a mold trying to move but paralyzed, on the verge of having a panic attack. We want to be free but don’t know how.

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We ALL disassociate ourselves with mental health issues

Because Anxiety and Depression are considered mental health issues, and have stigmas associated with them, no one wants to identify with them. We don’t want to be considered part of a minority who is mentally unstable. But we don’t realize that everyone is susceptible to these mental issues, they are nothing to be ashamed of. When we think of people with mental health issues we get this image of people in an asylum, and yes maybe severe forms of these mental issues may get some people there, but it is nothing to feel ashamed of. We all are fighting inner battles and anxiety/depression are just, us succumbing when reaching climaxes in those long consecutive battles.

Non-Sufferers won’t understand

A person who’s never had depression or anxiety will not understand, they’ll tell you “Just be happy.” or “Just relax.”. But it isn’t that easy, both of these mental health issues are not self inflicted and beyond the power of the host to be rid of. When you have anxiety, it is an overwhelming feeling of desire for an event to pass or over analyzation of ones trauma. As humans we like to control things, but sometimes when the stakes are high and we feel imminent stress it becomes too much. With anxiety you feel like a ticking time bomb and there’s nothing you can do to stop yourself from detonating. Depression is even worse, as it stems from circumstances and anxiety is usually due to a temporary event. People tell people who are depressed to just be happy, but what they don’t see is that it’s also human nature to desire happiness. People want happiness, but it’s easier said than done. You don’t feel like you have that choice, it’s like a terminal illness that can’t be treated.

The Mind can either Make or Break you

The mind is a revolutionary tool, but utilized when not necessary, it is debilitating. Michael Bond says “When people are isolated from human contact, their mind can do some truly bizarre things.” Our minds essentially house all of of our dreams, fears, doubts,  and memories good and bad. People who are socially isolated are most prone to this, even just lying in bed. When you overthink all of those voices, they begin to run rampant, that’s when the mind becomes scary. Although we are humans and like to believe we control our emotions, they tend to control us. If it’s hard to control our emotions, you can imagine it’s even worse to control our minds. There’s both beauty and fault in nature, so even though we have minds that remember things second nature and that is amazing in most endeavors, a small portion of the time we wish we couldn’t. The power of now a book about spiritual growth taught me that even though we live in the present, our minds force us to view things through eyes of the past. Think about it, every choice you make is based on experiences in the past. Although this is good because it makes us less naive and more alert, it also makes sure that everything we’ve suffered stays with us. Even if we consciously try to make the decision to let go, subconsciously we still are latched.

 Engulfed in the things that Hurt us in the past

We don’t want to be hurt or filled with poisonous energy, we think our wounds are healed because they are physically gone, but beneath the surface the damage is nearly irrevocable. We always carry those things in our minds and anxiety and depression are manifestations that are just the most extreme cases. Because everyone is burdened by some internal struggle. The mind tends to let all of the hopes, fears, dreams, and doubts consume us mentally and thats when a person becomes impaired, they form a veil between themselves and the world, that damages their image of everything. They no longer see the beauty in nature or the reassuring feeling of a concerned person, darkness plagues all that they see. When you tell a person to just relax or be happy, your telling them to control their minds which even people who don’t have mental health issues, can’t do. If anti-depressants can’t do it, then how can they do it?, it goes much deeper than mental levels. It’s a spiritual disease and making an effort to overcome it, makes you open yourself up for cleansing. As I said before, no one wants to be depressed but they don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Trying to escape

Depression can be like quicksand though, and struggling can only make you fall deeper. You want to be happy but you just can’t. Sometimes getting through it opens you up to pursing happiness, and having survived it you feel awakened, as if the veil has lifted between the raw beauty that is the World, and self burden.


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